Parrish Highlanders ATV Club

Langlade County

We’ve come a long way from just 12 members 20 years ago to our current membership numbers nearing 300. Our dedication to the advancement of our sport shows up on each mile of our trails.

​Each year our club adds new trails in Langlade Counties’ bountiful 125,000 acres of forest. We now have over 53 miles of trails to enjoy with a beautiful shelter and several trail heads. We actively participate in the Ride Smart Program, by training members of our own club to become DNR Safety Instructors and Trail Patrols for our trails to keep them safe for everyone. We are currently working with other clubs in an effort to connect trails from Lincoln County, Wisconsin to Michigan.


Contact Name: Parrish Highlanders ATV Club

Address: PO Box 374, Elcho, WI 54428

Phone: 715-275-3323

Email: [email protected]

Northwoods tire mark


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