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ATV/UTV Routes & Trails

Get ready to ride—northern Wisconsin is home to some of the Midwest’s finest ATV and UTV trails. Hitch up your trailer and head to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to find hundreds of miles of scenic routes in Forest, Langlade, Lincoln and Oneida counties.

We encourage you to ride responsibly and follow all local and state rules and regulations found on our Rules & Safety page.


Route – A Route is a highway or sidewalk designated for use by ATV operators by the governmental agency having jurisdiction. Routes are identified at the beginning point by a 24″X18″ sign showing a white silhouette of an ATV on a green background. White directional arrows (12″X9″) on a green background, show the continuation of the route.

Trail – A trail is a marked corridor on public property or on private lands subject to public easement or lease, designated for use by all-terrain vehicle operators by the governmental agency having jurisdiction, but excluding roadways of highways except for those roadways which are not seasonally maintained for motor vehicle traffic. Trails are identified by 6″X6″ signs showing a white silhouette of an ATV on a brown background.

Find more information on ATV Route Guidelines and Suggestions.

Forest County ATV/UTV Trails

Forest County is home to two state ATV trails—the Nicolet State Trail and the Wolf River State Trail—and two other county trails.

Forest County Public ATV Trail

Forest County

The Forest County Public All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Trail is entirely on land owned by Forest County and is open for year round use.

Forest County Routes

Forest County

Most of our townships allow ATV use on their roads (both gravel and paved) as well as all County Roads. When combined, there are 100’s of miles of fun, challenging, and well-maintained trails within our County!

Forest County Winter ATV/UTV Trails

Forest County

Forest County’s winter ATV trails consist of the Nicolet State Trail, the Wolf River State Trail and the Valley Trail.

Nicolet State Trail

Forest County

Part of this nearly 90-mile trail passes through Forest County and offers great ATV and UTV riding that connects to trails throughout the county.

Valley Trail

Forest County

This Forest County trails runs for 7 miles from Crandon west to Mays Bar.

Wolf River State Trail

Forest County

ATVs and UTVs can ride on sections of this 33-mile state trail, which follows a former rail corridor through Forest and Langlade counties.

Langlade County ATV/UTV Trails

Get ready to ride in Langlade County, which offers four main ATV/UTV trails connected by state highways, county highways and local roads.

Augustyn Springs Trail

Langlade County

21-mile trail scenic, hilly trail in northeastern Langlade County. Trail access includes parking lot, restrooms, ATV ramp & wash station.

Langlade County Routes

Langlade County

Langlade County designated ATV/UTV routes

Parrish Highland Trail

Langlade County

The Parrish Highland Trail passes through 50 miles of scenic terrain in northwestern Langlade County and connects to trails in Lincoln and Oneida counties.

Pickerel/Pearson ATV Trail

Langlade County

This 5-mile trail connects the Parrish/Highlands ATV trail, the Augustyn Springs ATV trail, and the Forest County ATV Trail System.

White Lake Trail

Langlade County

A 20-mile trail in southeastern Langlade County that passes through downtown White Lake and connects to Oconto County’s ATV trails.

Wolf River State Trail

Forest County

ATVs and UTVs can ride on sections of this 33-mile state trail, which follows a former rail corridor through Forest and Langlade counties.

Lincoln County ATV/UTV Trails

Riders can explore nearly 50 miles of ATV/UTV trails in Lincoln County. Discover the scenic Harrison Hills region, which boasts dense forests and hilly terrain.

Harrison Hills ATV Trail

Lincoln County

The Harrison Hills trail system spans roughly 50 miles through the hills and woods of Lincoln County, connecting with trails in Langlade and Oneida counties.

Lincoln County Routes

Lincoln County

Lincoln County designated ATV/UTV routes

Oneida County ATV/UTV Trails

Oneida County’s two main trail systems are the Little Rice ATV Trail and the Enterprise ATV Trail, which has its own ATV-friendly campsite.

Enterprise ATV Trail

Oneida County

This trail offers a 16-mile round-trip ride through the Oneida County Forest, as well as a dedicated ATV campground on the central part of the trail.

Little Rice ATV Trail

Oneida County

Located near the Willow Flowage in southwestern Oneida County, the Lynne/Little Rice ATV Trail offers nearly 40 miles of woods trails and ATV road routes.

Oneida County Routes

Oneida County

Oneida County designated ATV/UTV routes

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